Aileen & Jules were excited to meet Benny Anderson & Björn Ulvaeus backstage at Hyde Park, London. The ‘THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC’ concert was organised by Benny & Björn, a unique night celebrating the wonderful music of Abba, inviting artistes such as Kylie Minogue, Chaka Khan, Elaine Paige and many others to perform some classic Abba  songs.

‘As long time admirers of Abba’s music, it was great to finally meet Benny & Björn.  We were introduced to Benny’s son Ludwig, who mid conversation dashed off to bring his dad over to meet us. (Wow!) Benny was lovely, a very sweet man, and it was great to chat to him. We also got to meet some of the original musicians who worked with Abba.
To round off this special evening, we were all treated to a private performance of some Swedish folk music by Benny & the Orsla Fiddlers.’

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1974 Abba Tribute Show, Aileen and Jules Meeting Abba Boys